November 13, 2018

A meditative audio experience.

Trippr is a psycho-acoustic experience created for stimulating the brain waves through stereophonic pulses, also known as binaural beats, discovered in 1839 by German physicist Heinrich Dove. This auditory illusion is created by presenting two different tones, one through each ear.

Hear how the effect disappears when listening to only your left or right headphone speaker. Use Trippr for your meditation or brain massages. Set the pitch and amount of pulsation with the sliders on screen.

Trippr should work on all iPhones running iOS 9.0 or later. (iPhone 5 and above)



Download on the App Store.

NOTE(jvt): Due to a yearly subscription fee for having my software available (for free) on the Apple App Store, I can't guarantee Trippr will be available for download after November 12, 2019.

Download source code (7-zip)
Libraries used: SDL, Cocoa.